Lead Me To God

Any Parent. Any Kid. Deep Truth. Made Simple.

A place for parents to get the help they need to teach their kids about God, no matter who they are or how much time they have.  Points parents to the resource "The God Puzzle" by author Valerie Ackermann.  A theologically rich, interactive and simple book for kids to discover God as their greatest Treasure.

Too many kids are leaving the faith.  Walking away from church.  Sunday school isn't enough to give them what they need.  Kids need depth.  Answers.  Time to think things through.  They need the pieces put together to point them to Christ Who is our greatest Treasure.  There just isn't time in Sunday school alone. 

Parents are called to teach their children, but what if you are not a teacher?  What if you don't know enough?  No more guilt, no more frustration over feeling inadequate. Here you will find a place where you will find real help...to teach about a real God.  The God Puzzle book is for you.  The best of Sunday school put into your hands.  Every Christian parents go-to book.  May God be glorified in this next generation.  Parents, welcome.

"I want God, not my version of God."  C.S. Lewis